Out With the Old, In With the New

Harry peeked through the hedge. The greenery scratched his face but he was afraid to fully reveal himself.
A figure walked slowly down the street, although lurch might better describe its erratic motion.
Its clothing was in tatters and bits of cloth fell to the ground with each halting step. Harry could not tell if it was still alive or already one of the dead risen from its grave and seeking prey across the land. Its skin was tight over its bones and only the slightest hint of color remained on its cheeks.
As the creature passed Harry heard its rough voice mumbling words of joy and pain, loss and victory, strife and unity; all the bits of its life spoken to the universe and swept away on the wind.
Harry saw that the creature was approaching a crowd. The crowd appeared to be similar to the shambling revenant. Each was tattered and gaunt; some more than others. Rotting garb, long out of style clung to their emaciated bodies or, in some cases, animated skeletons.
“What are they?” Harry said to his wife, Lily, who had joined him in his fearful spying.
“It’s the old year going to join its brethren in the past,” she said.
“But what of the future?”
Lily showed him a newborn child, flush with color and vigor. She lifted it to her breast to suckle.
“We’ll have to wait and see how it grows.”




Happy New Year everyone. Let’s hope 2018 treats you well.

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