Demon flame

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#picturefiction Demon Flame

The demon Azmodael lay on the slab of the freshly sealed crypt. Darkness hid him from view of mortals. Clinging dew called forth the slugs and maggots to witness the actions of the creature of Hell. Azmodael cocked his head up.
“Come Brexis,” he said to the demon standing over him.
“Just a little fun. The fire dance is our one joy.”
“But our task,” Brexis squeaked in a voice not equipped with the proper menace for a creature of the Pit.
“Feh. Look how can you deny this?”
Azmodael pointed his talons at the slab and  a flame sprang to life. The fire flickered and waved though no wind blew. The hellish flames groaned and squealed as they lashed to and fro.
Brexis smiled and knelt. His talons wiggled over the flames which rose and danced as if he were a puppeteer tugging on the strings of a marionette.
The shriek of the flames rose as he played with them.
“See, I told you it would be fun,” Azmodael said.
Both demons laughed with the sound of cracking thunder as the tiny human soul writhed and screamed within their hellish flame.


I invite readers to write their own flash fiction based on this image in the comments. What does it inspire in you?

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