Invader’s Bane novel is off and running

Showing how things change on the fly when in the planning stages. I’m changing who will get a point of view in Invader’s Bane literally at the 11th hour as I’m about to start writing.

The second book – Invader’s Bane originally was planned to have a POV from Osok. I will replace Osok’s POV with that of Toniken Djin who was badly injured by Brother Cassius in the last book and also has issues with self-doubt about how he allowed his junior crewman to be injured almost to the point of death because of his mistakes in judgment. His path to recovery and redemption will fit better with this book.
I’m saving Osok for book 3 which will have a lot more dark themes surrounding self-discovery by him and Malbane.

So, the POV characters for book 2 are:

  • MALBANE – powerful character’s world view – commander issues
  • QUILA – newbie learning about the world
  • TONIKEN – dark coming back from the brink of self-doubt and depression – redemption arc.
  • MAHJONG – idealist, and person getting to the heart of a mystery

I’m ready to start writing now and should be diving into the fray.
BTW I now know there WILL be 3 books in this series:

  1. Fanatic’s Bane
  2. Invader’s Bane
  3. Malbane

If you want to follow along with the creation of this novel, check out my Patreon page.
I’ll be posting character descriptions, early chapters etc there for my patrons.


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