The Empyrean

Writing Challenge for the Next Year

The last 2 years I’ve challenged myself to write a flash fiction story every week based on a picture or other prompt. These stories became the Flashes of Darkness Year 1 and 2 books. This year I’m setting myself a new challenge.

I have a goal of at least 100 flash stories over the next 12 months – this is in addition to whatever else I’m writing. These stories will be based in a single universe with an overarching plot line.

I’m working on an old concept that I’ve shelved for a few years.

I came up with this fantasy universe of 9 worlds orbiting 2 suns locked within a crystal sphere created by the Gods – The Empyrean.
I’ve populated it with fantasy creatures like elves and faeries and dwarves but put a spin on it that they each have their own world and some can travel between the worlds.
I created a magic-punk (if that’s a word) concept where the trappings of magic exist but so does a weird sort of technology. The Dweorg (dwarves) and the Elves both have spaceships, for example.

There’s a war going on for racial and ideological purity in the Empyrean with the Elves wishing to stamp out all that is not matching their vision. Yes, I made Elves the bad guys, I’m tired of them being goody two shoes. There’s also lots of other sub-plots as each race has it’s own objectives.

I have races of demonic wizards, lizard people, cat people, faeries, plant people, and of course elves and dwarves. It’s rather diverse but notice… no humans.

Each story should be 1000 words or slightly less – flash fiction. I want to see if one of the online sites like Daily Science Fiction or others would be receptive to publishing them (hey if I can get paid why not) before I end up doing it on my own.

There, I’ve publicly thrown down my gauntlet and declared what I intend to do. Now I HAVE to get off my butt and do it or look silly.

I probably won’t end up pitching any to outlets until I’ve built up a substantial amount to have a backlog. At that time I’ll know if I’m keeping it limited to a paying market or if I’m doing it myself and thus able to share.



Behold the worlds of the Empyrean:

The Empyrean
The Empyrean