Flashes of Darkness Year 2 is now LIVE

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Flashes of Darkness Year 2 is now LIVE.

The ebooks are now available and the paperback is in the proofing process and should be available within the next 2 weeks at the latest.

No time to read?

You don’t need to invest weeks of time in a novel.
Bite sized flash fiction is the prescription.

Flashes of Darkness is a collection of short stories of the strange and horrific.

Year 2 of this collection brings you even more horrors and strange events to haunt your dreams.

Ghosts, ghouls, demons, aliens, monsters and things that go bump in the night fill the pages of this volume. Each flash fiction story is the perfect prescription to fulfil your daily recommended quota for the strange and macabre.

If you’re in a rush, waiting in the doctor’s office, ten minutes from the next train station; this is the collection for you. Each story was written to be read in a matter of minutes, the perfect bite size stories for our hectic, always moving world.

Flash fiction is extremely short fiction. It stands out for its brevity, often as little as a few words to as many as 1,000 words or so.

You can get the Kindle version on Amazon

It’s also available on Smashwords if you don’t want a Kindle only version

Also available at Books2Read: