Weekly picturefiction ending soon

I think that I’m going to stop posting weekly #picturefiction here. I don’t see the traffic to it that makes it worth the effort. I have 6 more stories to write to finish out the entire year 2 collection (not counting the one already scheduled for this week) and after that I’ll be ending the weekly fiction post.

I’ll still randomly post new free fiction but I won’t be doing it on a regular basis. I’d rather focus on my main writing efforts and find something else to post to the blog which might interest readers. I may also instead of short fiction, post excerpts from my current work in progress. You would get to see my process and have an  early look at whatever will be published next. I do promise that you will NOT be seeing cute kitten photos on this blog, I love a cute kitty as much as the next person but it is NOT. FOR. MY. BLOG.

So enjoy it while it lasts. I hope those of you who have been following my weekly writing posts have enjoyed the Flashes of Darkness series of stories. I hope I can still entertain you with whatever comes next.

Until then, I hope you all have a happy, safe holiday season and  I look forward to entertaining you more  in 2019.

Happy New Year!