Working on a zombie short story

Just an update. Since I realized I’m not getting out of my current house for several more weeks at least I got back to writing my short story so that my entire life isn’t just home improvement. A person has to have an outlet or they’ll burn out.

The story is currently at 4,220 words – I’m probably slightly over half way now.

This is a slightly different zombie story (I don’t like doing the standard ones) that takes place AFTER all the zombies are destroyed.

I’m still fighting internally over a title. Current working title is “For The Love Of Persephone” (Demi and Persephone are central characters) but that title is subject to change up until the moment it is published.

Got a better idea? If you suggest a great title that I use I’ll give you a free ebook copy of the finished story with your name mentioned as having thought up the title.

Here’s the concept:
Post zombie apocalypse humans actually won and zombies were destroyed
A woman has a hidden secret zombie – but she can’t bear to let it be destroyed.
She hides it in her house.
Everything begins to fall apart when one of her friends becomes curious.
She makes a horrifying choice to keep it quiet then things escalate.

First line: “The zombies were all dead – really dead this time.”

If you’re playing along and want to follow the creative process, I posted latest draft scene to my Patreon page

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