What is the best day to post?

I was reading a post by another author as to what day of the week was best to publish new blog posts and social media updates. Her reasoning actually made sense.

Think about it this way – on the weekends, people are focused on having fun, not reading blogs. They want to hang out with friends and family, go to shows or sporting events, etc. So the weekend is really a bad time to be posting fresh content that expects the audience to be sitting around looking for a diversion but unable to go out and about.

Many holidays fall on Mondays, others on Fridays also ‘mental health days’ tend to occur on those days so people get a long weekend to go out and enjoy themselves. So those days, which also are when people are busy recovering from their weekends or preparing for them are not great days. You’re just not checked in mentally.

The only days remaining in the week are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Now think about it:

On Tuesday, you’re back into the groove at work. You’re frantically catching up on the things you were too strung out to do on Monday and generally you’re busy most of the day.

On Thursday you’re looking forward to the weekend and in a rush to finish up your weekly workload. Again, you’re busy for most of the day.

This leaves Wednesday, Hump Day. It’s the middle of the week, you’ve probably caught up all your work and the weekend is a distant dream that you’re not able to prepare for yet. You’re potentially bored and looking for a diistraction. So what do you do while sitting in your cubicle, work accomplished and the weekend a distant hope? You surf the web and look for distractions.

I’ve noticed that my blog receives a lot more hits on Wednesday and I’m betting that this bit of reasoning is why. In an ocean of data and social media tsunami of updates visibility depends on people noticing your content. So why not make your best efforts so that they’re available on Wednesday? I’m not saying to be silent the rest of the week; there’s always someone looking for entertainment on other days but it seems that Wednesday might the best day to post new content and updates.

Of course, today is Monday so I’m ignoring my own logic but what can I say, I’m often contrary – but then again, people will be searching for content on Wednesday so I’m just getting things queued up for then.  I’ll  have to look at my blog stats at the end of the week and see if having a new post ready for the Wednesday visitors was a good plan.

What do you think?


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