Working on a short story

I had an idea for a short story pop into my head while I was in Las Vegas. It’s a zombie story – for some reason my short stories tend to be zombie stories even though I don’t write those for any other format. The working title is “For the Love of Persephone” – that might change, it depends on how the story evolves.

I decided to do something a bit different; I’m creating it in real time on Patreon.

I’m doing this for my patron supporters to see how a story evolves from raw idea to finished product. So far I’ve shared the idea, some high level plotting, some world building and now I’m about to start writing.

I hope to have it written before the end of March so I don’t have it still in process when I might be making my permanent move to Las Vegas.

Once it’s written and properly edited I’ll make it an ebook on Amazon and also have it available here and via Ionosphere Press.

I have actually removed myself from Kindle Select so in a very short time, once all the prearranged terms of that contract conclude I can start selling my stories via other outlets. I want to have them all available here and on Ionosphere in electronic format so my readers can just grab the files and load them on any reader they want; why should Amazon have all the control?

Anyway, look for the announcement once it’s published. If you want to watch the process, consider clicking the Patreon links in the text and signing up. For as little as $1 a month you get all kinds of extra entertainment.

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