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So I started a Patreon page. Historically artists used patrons to fund their ability to create. I don’t expect to find a rich noble like DaVinci did, but I hope to find some wiling friends online who think that the cost of a cup of coffee each month is worth quality fiction delivered to them.

As we’ve seen in recent years, crowd funded efforts make it easy for individuals who may not have a lot to spare themselves to support artists and creators they want to see more from. I’m hoping that you’ll come aboard.

What do I intend to do with the money raised?

I intend to use the money raised to help in the support of my domain and website where I post flash fiction and showcase my published works.
I’ll also use it to assist in marketing my brand to draw new readers.

I will be able to purchase/license higher quality images for covers and incidental work to make it look better and appear even more professional. I’m currently spending hundreds of dollars a year on images. Higher quality images and commissioned original work could run into thousands.

I also plan to use funds raised to edit and publish quality anthologies of weird fiction annually. This will let great new writers be paid for their work and gain exposure beyond their own efforts. Yes, I want to become a publisher who PAYS and does not abuse his authors like some big publishers do.

With patronage I intend to be able to spend more time writing and providing entertainment to you and eventually reach a point where I can focus all my time and energies on giving you amazing fiction experiences beyond weekly flash fiction and an annual novel.

Come along for the ride. Buckle up, its gonna be scary fun.   become-a-patron-300x71

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