Krampus Unchained

Krampus Unchained

A horror novella of retribution and redemption.

Krampus vs. Santa in a battle to the death!krampus

Krampus, also known as the Christmas Demon and punisher of wicked children, has been entombed for 1,000 years.
A man who feels the world is against him frees the monster who promptly goes on a killing spree.
Santa is Krampus’ opposite.
It is up to Santa and a young girl who is an unlikely hero to stop the rampage before more innocents die.
A novella of terror for a season usually committed to joy.

What reviewers are saying:

“A combination of forgotten myths, faltering beliefs and cycles of rediscovery and redemption. ” – Christopher A.
“A great story that held my attention from beginning to end. I never put it down!” – Annette B.

“What if fairy tales are actually based on something real? Real and more horrible than you can even imagine…” – Diana C.

“..a story of sin, violence and redemption and the clash of two ancient powers…” – Dave M.

“A rollicking story. One where the gods themselves appear to reinforce in humanity the consequence of naughty vs. nice.” – Tim T.

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