Edge of Reality

Edge of Reality

Prepare yourself for a trip to the Edge.Edge of Reality

Thirty-four tales of the bizarre, horrific and weird await you within.

  • A man battles the spirit world for the life of his wife.
  • A religious artifact, more potent than the Holy Grail is the focus of a life’s quest.
  • Witch doctor threatens the lives of the young.
  • A warrior woman in a steampunk world battles ferocious creatures.
  • A man attempts to raise a zombie army to rule the world.

These tales and many more transport you beyond the Edge of Reality. This book is a collection of short stories that combine several e-books by Edmund de Wight into one easily managed volume.

This volume contains the full contents of the e-books:

  • Death Songs
  • 10 Days to Samhain
  • Reality’s Edge
  • The Next World
  • Seat of Destiny

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