10 Days to Samhain

10 Days to Samhain

Samhain, Halloween, Day of the Dead, the death of the old year. Call it what you will, Samhain conjures images of darkness, death and horror.

Come, count down the days until Samhain with deliciously creepy stories to bring you shivers as the darkness covers your home.

Prepare yourself with a story a day for the 10 days leading up to Samhain and a final doom filled tale for Samhain when the dead knock at your door.

  • A sea monster threatens a village. One brave fisherman must risk his very soul to save his people.
  • A woman warrior prowls the foggy streets searching for a vicious killer from another world.
  • A sorcerer, a Satanic cult and demon summoning; what could possibly go wrong?
  • George wanted to become God Emperor and the Necronomicon would raise the army of the dead he would need to conquer the world.

These tales and 6 more help you count down the days to Samhain!


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