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New Year, Last Year

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New Year, Last Year picture fiction
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“Marty shut down the system, we’re going to be late,” Terry said.
“Yeah, in a minute. I’ve got an anomaly. It might be an N.E.O. we haven’t cataloged.”
“Oh for God’s sake Marty, it can wait. It’s New Year’s Eve and if we don’t get down to the party soon I’m never gonna get a chance to chat up Evelyn for the midnight kiss and maybe something more afterward.”
Terry waggled his eyebrows like a bad comedy movie rake, which in reality was not far from his reality. Marty didn’t know why he put up with the man, he was rude, sexist and a loud drunk but he was Marty’s only friend in the world.
“Go ahead Terry, I just need twenty minutes or so to get a fix and measure angles and speed.”
“Twenty minutes makes it almost midnight dude. You play Professor Dedicated, I’m gonna work on getting laid.”
Terry waved and practically ran from the room.
Marty sighed and activated NEODA, the Near Earth Object Detection Array. It was a boring job tracking all the space objects like asteroids and comets that would make a close approach to the Earth but he believed it to be a necessary job. He gave the Human race time to react should another space rock like the one that wiped out the dinosaurs ever begin an approach on the planet.
The only sounds in the room for the next ten minutes were clicking keys and humming machines. Marty hunched in front of a monitor flipping between visual and radio spectrums, thoroughly engrossed in his examination of the anomaly.
“Two degrees above ecliptic,” he muttered.
“Velocity 25 kps. Magnitude, wow that’s really weird. Azimuth, holy shit.”
Marty spun away from the computer screen and rolled across the floor to a telephone. He consulted a list taped over the phone and punched in a number.
“Yerkes Observatory sky watch?” He asked when the voice responded.
“Hey, this is Marty Andrews over at the Allegheney Observatory. I got a weird anomaly. Yeah, I’ll send the data for you, hang on.”
Marty rolled back to his desk with the phone cradled on his shoulder and typed in the command to send his data to the other observatory.
“The magnitude on this thing is really low,” he said. “But everything else indicates a huge mass, at least 15 kilometers in size.
“Yeah, exactly,” he responded to a comment on the phone.
“The azimuth looks like it’s heading right at us.”
“No I don’t know how come nobody has noticed this before. Can you- hey, can you just double check me. I need to know if this is some sort of glitch. Yeah I’ll wait.”
The man returned to the line several minutes later, he sounded like someone had kicked him in the stomach and then told him that his dog had died.
“Verified,” was all he said before Marty heard the handset clatter to the floor folowed by the sound of running footsteps.
Marty stared numbly at the equipment surrounding him. He needed to do something but the numbers said there was nothing to do. He had to at least tell everyone, they deserved to know.
He leaped to his feet, toppling his chair and raced from the room.
Marty pounded down the stairs to the lobby where he could hear voices shouting.
“10, 9, 8…”
Marty burst through the door. The entire staff of the observatory was gathered for New Years and most of them appeared rather inebriated. He spotted Terry across the room and pushed his way through to his friend. Terry was already groping Evelyn ahead of schedule.
“5, 4…” the crowd continued.
“Terry, the anomaly,” he said.
Terry looked at him, his eyes wide and lipstick smeared across his mouth.
“What? Who cares,” he said.
“It’s on a collision course.”
“2, 1, Happy New Year!” Everyone cheered and began to kiss their neighbor.
Marty heard a roar and the sky outside lit brighter than noon. It was too late.


Hell Ascendent Episode 2

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#newrelease  Hell Ascendant Episode 2.Hell Ascendant Episode 2 - hell has frozen over

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Can someone overcome a lifetime of fear and failure to finally become a hero when Hell comes to Earth?

Hell has frozen over.
Episode 2 takes us to Sin City, Las Vegas. Eternal snow blankets the city. Glaciers race across the landscape destroying everything in their path and monsters prowl the winter wasteland in search of human prey.
A group of loners and misfits are drawn together in an effort to survive. They are pursued by monsters and demons at every turn. When a Prince of Hell demands a sacrifice they are faced with a choice between saving the world or their new friends.


Santa Claus is Coming to Town – part 2

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Santa Claus is coming to town part 2

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Krampus was tired and a bit depressed. His night had gone well, perhaps too well. There were so many naughty children to punish that he had broken his switches half a dozen times from all the beatings.
His lot in life was to only see the bad and it brought him great sadness as he crawled back into his cave to sleep until next year.
A sound woke him from his slumber and he growled a warning.
“Wake up Krampus, I have a job for you,” a booming voice echoed through the cave.
Krampus rattled his chains and growled as he crawled from the cave. Whoever this interloper was he would pay for waking a grumpy Krampus.
Krampus emerged from his cave baring his teeth and then stopped when he saw the big red sleigh. The red clothing and huge white beard quickly told Krampus that Santa had come for a visit. Beside the big man was a lovely woman in a flowing dress, Mrs. Claus.
Krampus growled at the jolly duo. How dare they bring their smiles to his cave of sorrow.
“Krampus you look depressed,” Mrs. Claus said. “I told Santa we had to do something nice for you.”
“You did great work Krampus,” Santa said. “All the naughty children have been punished and I have no doubt they’ve learned their lesson and will be good next year. But come with us, I want to give you a gift before you go to sleep for another year.”
Krampus grumbled but knew he would never be left in peace by these overly jolly elves if he retreated into his cave. With a huff he crawled into the sleigh and hung his head to await whatever indignity the duo would impose on him.
The sleigh took to the sky and flew down to the world of men. Soon it spiraled down and landed in a large courtyard. Hundreds of people, young and old, crowded the space and cheered as Santa and Mrs. Claus descended from the sleigh. A gasp ran through the crowd as Krampus dropped to the ground.
“Merry Christmas,” Santa bellowed. “I’ve brought a new friend for you all to meet. Show Krampus your Christmas spirit.”
It started low but quickly grew. Cheers and shouts of ‘Merry Christmas Krampus’ echoed through the courtyard.
Krampus felt a strange warmth, he had never been cheered before. Santa led his wife and Krampus to a dias with a pair of chairs and piles of toys. The trio sat and children, good children all, walked forward to receive gifts and all wished Krampus a Merry Christmas.
The scary beast did not feel so scary for once. The children smiled at him and thanked him as he handed them presents. Soon he found himself laughing and smiling.
His work had ensured that there were good people to enjoy this holiday and he felt his sorrow lift as he discovered the good he was doing for the world.
The night soon ended and Santa returned Krampus to his cave. As the Christmas Devil entered the cave he turned one last time and growled a thank you to the jolly old elf. He was eager for sleep so that he could awaken next year to once again create a better world and bring joy.

Happy Holidays all. A special holiday greeting to the folks in my picture today. This was my friends Piers and his lovely wife Julie (sorry Krampus I don’t know who was in the costume) from @SantasCauseDc during last year’s @KrampusnachtDC
Check out their pages, its a great charity, and a great fun night.